Field Staff Team

Do you love our hitch and want to help promote our products while you grow with our company?

Are you active on multiple social media platforms (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube)?

Do you have at least 500 followers and post pictures of your vehicle often?

    Do you want to have the sickest hitch on the market and possibly make money while posting?

    You can be a member of our Hitch Works Field Staff Team!

    Our Field Staff team will consist of strong willed and positive individuals who want to help spread the word about Hitch-Works, the one and only all-encompassing tow hitch!

    As a Field Staff Team Member you will receive 20% off your personal hitch, a 10% discount code to share with your followers, friends, and family, as well as the opportunity to grow within our company. Please read the Field Staff Rules and Requirements below and fill out our Field Staff Application if this sounds like the opportunity for you!

    PRO STAFF: As a company, we believe in rewarding good performance and promoting from within. Therefore we want to give you the opportunity to earn your hitch back (or receive store credit) and make money while you post! At Hitch Works, we monitor all sales made by our Field Staff Team. So when 10 or more people use your code to purchase a tow hitch and we’ve evaluated that the quality of your content is Pro-Staff worthy (ie; post often, HQ pictures/videos, attending events), you will have the opportunity to be promoted to a Pro Staff Team member! As a member of the Pro Staff, we will send you your money back OR you can choose to receive full-price store credit for any Hitch Works product. Also, we believe in you and our product so much, we want to give you the ability to start making 10% commission on all sales through your link! (More info will be released when you qualify.)

    We want this to be a mutually beneficial relationship with extraordinary potential!

    Field Staff Rules and Requirements:

    1. Fill out our online Application. Fill out our Field Staff Application Form so that we can get to know a little more about you and why you would like to represent our company. 
    2. Purchase your Hitch Works hitch. Once you are approved, we will notify you with your code. Visit our website (, choose your hitch and at checkout use your personal 20% discount code. We will be alerted as soon as you complete your purchase. Your 10% discount for friends and family will not be activated until you have purchased and installed your hitch. (Need to have the product in order to promote it.)
    3. Agree to not promote any other trailer hitch company. You have the best one on the market! 
    4. Provide and create photo and video content. Pictures on Social Media and video content is how information is spread these days. We expect you to send us pictures and videos as often as possible. Launching your boat? Send us a video of those LED’s lighting up the water. Just got a car wash? Snap a couple pics of that shined up booty. Taking your trailer to the desert for the week? You better be making us jealous while we sit in the office. We will share your content and help promote you and your interests while were at it. 
    5. Review your Hitch Works product. Today, online reviews mean everything. Truck and towing enthusiasts like yourself have the most impact on other peoples purchases. Hitch Works counts on your positive reviews on any and all possible platforms such as, truck forums, boating forums, hunting forums, where ever your fans and followers are gaining information. If for whatever reason you do not have a positive review of your hitch, it is your job as a part of our staff to let us know at Hitch Works HQ ASAP. It may not take long to write a review, but your words are more impactful than ours!
    6. Provide Feedback to HQ. As a Field Staff Team member you are considered a part of our Research and Development department. Therefore, you are also considered a part of our Hitch Works family and we look forward to hearing your input. Let us know how you're using your hitch, as well as tips, tricks, improvements, etc. 
    7. Represent Hitch Works with integrity. Between lifted trucks, boaters, off-roaders, and the many other applicants who can use our product, we understand we can draw a rowdy crowd. Hitch Works wants you to have all the fun, but when it comes to using our product we ask that you play it safe. Please install and tow according to all safety regulations. We care about our customers and do not tolerate using our hitch for un-safe applications. 
    8. Help us teach others. At Hitch Works it is our passion to provide not only the world’s most functional towing products, we want be approachable to any and everyone’s questions regarding installation and safety while towing. As a team member, we expect you to have the knowledge to answer any questions associated with our products.